Advanced Power Systems International, Inc., was founded in 1994 by John C. Fitch whose life is chronicled in the biography "Racing Through Life" by Carl Goodwin. A race car driver, road crash barrier designer and inventor, Mr. Fitch is a man of many firsts, as is the product that he contributed his name to - The Fitch Fuel Catalyst.

Advanced Power Systems' objective is to provide a product to the market that would constructively affect the environment and simultaneously have a positive economic impact for the end user. The inventors of the first generation Fitch product were focused on gasoline stabilization. By the time the Fitch product was introduced to the commercial market, it had much more to offer than just gasoline stabilization. Advanced Power Systems Int'l. Inc. entered into a research agreement with the Department of Defense to extend the capabilities of the product to fuels used by the military including diesel and JP fuels. The Fitch product line we now market is the result of this and other research efforts. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst improves fuel quality as measured by the ASTM tests specified by the Department of Defense.

As you know, all fuel can deteriorate due to the influences of microorganisms, oxygen and ozone. The Fitch Fuel Catalyst insures that all fuel (gas, diesel, bio-diesel, low sulfur diesel, kerosene, oil, etc.) delivered to a combustion engine is in its optimal condition allowing a burner or engine the maximum amount of energy with minimal emissions per kg of fuel.

About The Fitch Name
"John Cooper Fitch"